Johnny & June's Darlin' Companions


We are so happy to work with Second Chance Animal Services to help our furry friends find their forever homes.

Second Chance is a very different animal organization that provides programs to help in every way possible to make lives better for pets. We make a difference in the lives of over 40,000 pets each year.

Each month we will highlight some of our Dealership Ambassador's Johnny & June' buddies, who are available for adoption. Help us find homes for their fellow dogs, and cats, bunnies, and other Darlin' Companions.

Dogs Of The Month


This lively girl's name is Daisy. Daisy is a six/seven-year-old Hound and Pointer mix who loves the outdoors and being with her person. She will chase the ball from time to time but her favorite activity, like most Hounds, is taking in all the scents the world has to offer.

Due to her unsteady and inconsistent past, Daisy gets a bit insecure at times. She is quite selective with other dogs so finding a playmate is a challenge. Daisy has lived with many cats in the past and does great, however she finds young children too unpredictable so she needs a home with children over the age of 13.

This dog is a loyal girl and will cling to the head of the household. This girl sincerely deserves an active retirement home where she can be herself and enjoy her typical Hound activities! Daisy's adoption is also sponsored by one of our shelter supporters!


This energetic boy's name is Jax. The first few years of Jax's life has been unstable, and he is in need of a home with a fenced-in yard. He is around three-years-old and is very typical of a Cattle-Dog mix with his dominant yet loyal personality. He loves running around the yard and will chase toys, especially if they squeak or make interesting noises.

Jax has had dog friends in the past but he has more recently become overly dominant and would do best if he is the only dog in the home. He did well for his cat test but if he were to live with one they would both need their own space so they can get used to each other at a slow pace.

Once Jax is used to his owner he becomes very loving and cuddly. In order to thrive in his forever home, he definitely needs some security and outlets for his abundance of energy. If you have herding dog experience and are looking for a loyal, energetic boy, Jax is your man!


This pretty lady's name is Mocha! Mocha is a five-year-old Hound and Pitbull mix with a beautiful brindled coat. She is a friendly girl but has some pent up anxiety from being moved around during her life. She absolutely loves the outdoors and having her family with her to give her a sense of security.

Mocha can be mouthy when she is over stimulated or wants some attention. She could possibly live with another older female dog and would do best in a home with  respectful teenage children. Her favorite things are taking walks in the woods and lounging in the sun with her family. Mocha is a really sweet girl who deserves a home that can give her the security she needs to be happy and healthy.

Cats & Critters Of The Month


The buff tabby has striking green eyes and is very vocal when prompted. Boris is nine-years-old and is an indoor/outdoor cat who enjoys his time outside.

He needs a quiet home without children and without other cats as he does not get along with other felines.

Boris does not require much attention from his people and will be a good, low-key feline companion in any home.

Clover & Charlie

This is a special bonded pair of "spirit" cats - felines who live in your home, will often be in the same room as you, but really don't need a lot of pets or attention from their people.

Clover and Charlie are about 8-month-old and love their food and treats and will even entertain some attention during feeding times.

Most of the time they spend lounging in their room and going outside to their enclosed porch for some nature viewing. They both get along well with other cats and can go to a home with more than one cat. Clover and Charlie's foster mom has also sponsored their adoption!


This lovely calico arrived at Second Chance with her young kittens. All of her kittens have been adopted, and it's now time for Tabitha to find her forever home!

Tabitha can go to a home with other respectful felines but a slow introduction is best for her. She is quiet and spends time lounging and sleeping throughout the day.

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