Johnny & June's Darlin' Companions


We are so happy to work with Second Chance Animal Services to help our furry friends find their forever homes.

Second Chance is a very different animal organization that provides programs to help in every way possible to make lives better for pets. We make a difference in the lives of over 40,000 pets each year.

Each month we will highlight some of our Dealership Ambassador's Johnny & June' buddies, who are available for adoption. Help us find homes for their fellow dogs, and cats, bunnies, and other Darlin' Companions.

Dogs Of The Month


Caspian is a five-year-old Pitbull/Labrador mix who originally came to Second Chance as a stray a few years ago. He had been adopted and was in a home for quite some time, but unfortunately he was returned to the shelter when his previous owners no longer had the means to care for him. He is quite the energetic boy and loves running around a fenced-in yard, playing tug-of-war, and just exploring the local trails.

Caspian does not do well with other dogs but could live with a dog-savvy cat. He would need to live with children over the age of 13 due to his reactions to certain situations. He is a fun-loving dog who has had a hard first few years of life and deserves to be stable and happy!


This happy-faced girl is LeeLu. She is a true American Shelter Dog who most likely has some type of "bully breed" in her. She is around 18-months-old and is big on running to burn off her excess energy. Although she does well with certain dogs outside the home, she prefers to be the only one in the house.

LeeLu could possibly live with a cat after a slow introduction as her energetic personality might scare the cat. She still has some puppy tendencies in her so older children would be best. Leelu would love that perfect, active home to come adopt her so she can get all the exercise she deserves and loves!


This big, red boy's name is Cooper! Cooper is a four-year-old, Redbone Coonhound mix that absolutely loves the outdoors. He is a happy boy who requires a good amount of attention to keep him entertained. He does well on the leash, is very food motivated, and could spend all day walking in the woods if you let him!

Cooper could possibly live with another calm dog with proper introduction and dog-savvy cats if he is taught not to chase them early on. Although he likes to stay busy he does get overstimulated with too much action around him so older children are a must. This handsome boy would love a hound-experienced home to scoop him up and give him the life he deserves!


This handsome fella's name is Red! Red is a three-year-old Redbone Coonhound who loves the outdoors and being with his family. He is a sweetheart of a dog that has many typical Hound characteristics, so being familiar with the breed is recommended. Red has lived with dogs before and loves to play. He is working on his leash manners and is responsive to food which will help with training. He could also possibly live with a dog-savvy cat and children over ten with proper introduction.

This sweet boy deserves a new chance at a happy life and would make a great addition to any Hound loving family!


Patrice is a two-year-old Boxer/Pit Bull Terrier mix who was brought to us when his skin issues became too much for his previous owner. He has been allergy tested and seems to be doing well on a strict diet. Patrice is a large, strong boy at 75 pounds and walks better with a head halter. He has had canine friends before but we recommend a slow introduction for any meetings with four-legged friends. He loves running around with his squeaky toys and enjoys lounging on his bed. We are recommending children over 10 due to his large personality, pushy personality.

Cats & Critters Of The Month


Apollo is 3-to-4-years-old and needs a very specific home. Apollo was originally brought to the shelter as a kitten and was adopted. He was later returned to our shelter because he no longer got along with the other cats in the home. We did find him another home but he came back again because he wanted to be an indoor/outdoor cat but his owner was unable to provide him with outdoor access.

Apollo has a lot of love to give, and he wants to be around people as much as possible. Apollo does have some quirks that help us to better understand the type of home he needs. So, we are looking for a home that: Can provide easy indoor/outdoor access even if it's for a few minutes; a home where he is the ONLY cat; a home where there are NO dogs; a home with no children as he is a bit territorial about his toys; and a guardian who understands the signals a cat will send when communicating with humans.

This handsome guy desperately needs someone who understands him and will love him in spite of his quirks. 


Melody is a six-month-old female who is petite in stature but big in personality. She loves being around people and being the center of attention. Melody is also very vocal and loves to converse! She is currently living in a community cat room and respects the space of other cats. Melody will need to be introduced slowly from a small space to a larger space as she gets used to her new home.


This sweet senior feline is Abigail. She is eleven-years-old and is full of happy energy. She is mellow, a bit shy at first, and loves to get human attention.

Abigail has lived with other cats and small dogs and will do well with a forever family with other pets (after appropriate introduction). She is currently on a special dry-food diet for her skin/food sensitivities and has responded well.

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